We Seek Explanations for What’s Happening Around Us & Your Situation

It’s just the way the human brain is wired; we have a need to know why things occur or what’s causing something. And when it comes to inexplicable, mysterious happenings, the only logical explanation is often the presence of something supernatural.

We Like to Believe There’s Life After Death

Many people not only believe there’s life after death, they also believe that humans have led past lives. This is actually a common belief among many cultures and religions. This belief gives many people comfort when they lose a loved one or are faced with their own mortality. So for those who believe in the afterlife (and previous ones), it only makes sense that there are spirits and energy lingering around.

It’s Thrilling

In the same way people are drawn to scary movies and terrifying roller coasters, believing that there are spirits of the dead looming around is just plain thrilling. Ghost hunters will tell you that they not only believe in ghosts, but the majority mean no harm.  There are malevolent forces that have the ability to do mental and physical harm to the living, there are a lot of players in the arena.

There’s Proof

What else could explain sudden cold spots, disembodied voices and footsteps, floating orbs appearing in photographs and the sensation that someone is touching your shoulder when no one is there? We stay true to the evidence we collect.